Friday, November 21, 2008

and now for something a bit more domesticated

This week, our inspiration comes from retro patterns on dishes. Pots, pans, coffee cups, casseroles, plates, dishes, caraffes, juice glasses ... you name it. Anything with a funky pattern, crazy colors or bit of nostalgia will do. I love looking through thrift stores at the old dishes and have always wanted to incorporate them somehow into scrapbooking.

The challenge is simple and there are so many ways to interpret it. Just use a dish pattern on a scrap page or journal entry somehow.

*Scan an old plate, print the image out on paper and cut it out or use the whole thing as a background for a journal or scrap page.

*Draw or paint the pattern on a piece of paper.

*It might be cool to tell the story of where it came from, who used it – if it was your mom's or grandma's or had any sort of story in your family.

*If you have a collection of a certain pattern, you can write about that.

*Or just use it as a visual element if you just like the pattern and bought it at a thrift store.

And now we'd like to introduce our lovely Guest Designer for this challenge...

The most fabulous Patty Zimmerman, a.k.a. "coloredsprinkles." We are so excited to have her! She is the creator of the challenge blog The Creative Type which celebrates the love of all things typography. And she absolutely amazes us with her colorful textures, layers and rad illustrations. You can't help but love this girl... we certainly can't. So here she is!

"Hello, hello!! So glad to have been asked to guest design for Work your Soul. I think I can really relate to this challenge. Growing up my parents had these dishes from Pyrex which had small tiny green flowers around the rims of the plates, mugs, bowls, even butter dishes. Back then I thought our family was the only one who had this pattern; little did I know that as I grew older I found that pattern everywhere. Such is the wonders of Pyrex and all of the retro, funky, colorful designs they put out. It's funny to think how all of that is back in style now, flooding ETSY shops and Ebay, who could not love it. As for me, I have a huge passion for doodling and coming up with designs in my sketchpad, so this was totally up my alley. I decided to find two patterns that related to an Autumn theme (gotta love this time of year) and really work them into a colorful, fallish layout using a favorite fire pit photo of mine. I don't know about you, but sitting in front of a fire and adoring all of its colors is really a beautiful experience. And lets not forget about the colors, I really wanted to show that throughout my layout, allowing the two designs to take the lead. I mean, who wouldn't love to have a dish with little blue and green trees on it?? Well I would, but instead I will settle for it on my layout for now:) Thank you Jen and Kim for allowing me to share my take on your retro dish design prompt, I just knew I had to do something with my childhood memories of Pyrex!"

Lyrics from Bjork's "Unison" ... 'One hand allows the other, so much and me. Born stubborn me will always be. Before you count, one two three. I will have grown my own private branch of this tree.'

(Check out Patty's fun illustrations. So inspiring!)


I've been collecting some plates and kitchenware for university, because i don't want to show up with IKEA things like everyone else- so i've been looking in thrift stores and vintage shops and i've found some really great deals! I've got a whole tea-cup and sauser set, plus some plates and a milk jug. But my newest findd was this coffee maker from the 60's! and it works!

i wanted to take a lo-fi picture of the actual coffeemaker to give it some mystery, and i wanted to show-case the design at the same time- so i just water-coloured it onto the background, then traced over it with black pen! so much fun!
(Gorgeous job!)

And Jen's project:

I used the lotus pattern by Grete Prytz Kittelsen for Cathrineholm as my inspiration. (Here's a photo of Grete, just for fun – she just looks like a pretty neat lady if you ask me. Photo from

I fell in love with this design when I saw it a few years ago at my local thrift shops.

I'm just drawn to the clean look, bright colors, and cool shapes.

And you may or may not know that my daughter's name is Lotus, so it's interesting that I was a fan of these dishes before I knew it was actually called the lotus pattern.

I'm especially in love with the teapots and kettles.

Here's my page with a little bit about the name Lotus, my grandma, and little bits of things I have collected ... a tag from some lotus tea, a lotus postage stamp, and a fun Amy Butler lotus felt flower and button. I used paper cut-outs for my white pattern along the top.

All right, soulies - be sure to play along this week and post links to your projects here or in our Flickr group!

The winner will receive an awesome prize package from Amy's Attic, including a vintage book, paint, brush, vintage buttons, lace, trims, flowers, sheet music, book pages, tags, library pocket, stamps, cards and chipboard!

And our winner from our last fun photography challenge is Robin Stedem!

(Just check these out - unbelievable!)

She did such a fabulous job taking some very cool shots of her kids and their friends, and totally knocked our socks off. So Robin - email your address to kim [at!] and she'll send you your fabulous prize! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos with us.

Friday, November 7, 2008

dancin' in the street!

This weeks challenge, is inspired straight from the pages of Vogue, and our good friend, Twiggy!

I read an article once about how the fashion industry has gotten really serious, and how back in the 60’s it was more free and fun and experimental. I completely agree! I think the atmosphere around shoots and style lacks that playful attitude it used to. So, this week I’m asking you to grab a few friends and have a photoshoot!

When I’m out with my friends, in town, or waiting for a film to start- we sometimes find a cool wall and just take pictures. It’s one of my favourite things about going out now- because I know they are all up for it. But it wasn’t always that way, and I still have friends who don’t like their picture taken, but here’s some tips on getting comfortable.

-Find a spot that isn’t on a busy road. A lot of people don’t like to be looked at when they are being silly.
-Pass the camera around. Don’t hog it! I’m sure your friends want to play photographer too. It will only take a few seconds to show them which is the shutter button, and you might be surprized at how creative they can be! (if you have an SLR, set it to auto-focus and I use Av setting, on the lowest number aperture, like 3.5 (this will tell the camera to always use that aperture but change the shutter automatically) so that it doesn’t flash, but auto works well if it’s a little dark.) The people that know me, all know my trusty sidekick, Myles (Canon EOS 400D) and he has sometimes become more popular than me! I have people at gigs and parties and sometimes just at school asking if they can play with Myles. It’s cute, I like it.
-And tell them to get trigger happy! The more photos you have, the better chance of getting one you’ll all love!
-Volunteer to go first. Get yourself in front of the camera first, and do really silly things. Pull a stupid face or jump around. It will get you all giggling and lighten the mood, plus get everyone comfortable with being goofy. This is also a great way to get some photos of yourself, in a way you might not expect. I’ve been pleasantly surprized on numerous occasions.
-Drag someone into the frame with you. Interact and go over-the-top with your poses!
-Turn the camera on someone next to you. If you have more than one camera, getting the candid shots of someone laughing are always good.
-GET CLOSE! Full body poses are great, but getting up-close and personal is bound to be funny too. Snarl, bite your lip or look confused, fill that frame with your funny face!
-Show them the images afterwards. Laugh at them all and tell them how beautiful they look. (because you know they do!)

On choosing locations;
- the less busy it is, the more your subject will stand out. A simple painted door or brick wall are classic favourites. Here are some examples, so you know what i mean;

but when I’ve been pressed for time I’ve shot in front of a metal grate of a closed shop window, or even out in the street.

if you want to see some more examples, click here.

On Hair and Make-up;
- don’t worry about it! The most important thing is the expressions and the relationship you have with your friends. Although, if you plan ahead you could get some cute matching outfits going on!

Looking through my photographs of these types of days, I seem to always make the same faces and poses, but I’ve recently found that old clothes patterns have hilarious poses on them, and I’d quite like to try some of these.

SO- we want to see your best shots! And we don’t mind if you just want to upload pictures or if you want to scrap some or all of them! Have fun with it, and remember to be a little bit stupid in front of the camera!

And now, for our very first ever super spectacular Guest Designer reveal. You may have heard of her...

Ms. Kara Haupt!

Yeah, we know. We really like to start things off with a bang! (And yes, she is our Twiggy muse! Isn't this photo absolutely beautiful?)

Kara is the mastermind behind The Art is Found. Her innovative style has made her a stand-out in the ever evolving world of scrapbooking. And her amazing photography is equally inspiring! What can we say - we just love this girl.

So here she is!

"When Kim first asked me to GD, I was totally thrilled. Work Your Soul is pretty much the coolest concept out there and I love this little blog! I was even more thrilled when she introduced the idea of Twiggy being our inspiration. I had such an awesome time researching Twiggy's fabulousness and was inspired to do a fun little Twiggy self portrait shoot. Taking the "wall pictures" was amazing. I grabbed my bestie, Stephanie, and we totally dorked it up in front of the tripod. Have fun with this prompt! And go crazy! Happy Weekend!!"

And now for Kim's ultra hip photo lovelies. (Note her exceptional ability to capture the little conversations and laughter and goofiness... the girl has skills.)

i finally got around to editing a bunch of great shoots i did with some friends while i was in america.

but i'm soo inspired by what jen did, i might just have to go scrapbook a whole stack of these now!

seriously folks! now THIS is how it's done;

Jen took some AMAZING photos using all sorts of nifty poses&props! i am so jealous of these photos- seriously!

& the winner of our postcard challenge is JOYCE!

you did a great job! we love it! congrats! if you e-mail jen (jgeigley[at]gmail[dot].com) then she'll send your prize out!