Monday, February 23, 2009

time for a throwback!

howdy hi, all you shindiggers! 
are you ready for a groovy new challenge and some inspiration that will throw you straight back into the 60's?
it's kim here, and i suggest you put some funky tunes on and turn that volume up to get you movin' and groovin'!
i made a little playlist for you HERE! and it should play through if you click on 'play all'! it's worth giving some of them time to load, but let me know if it doesn't work...
here are a few of my favourites;
mmm. they inspire me so much!

I discovered this really great old crafting book while i was thrifting with my mum and she got really excited said "i remember Golden Hands! they were great!!"

i couldn't keep this to myself- i love it so much!!

i love these little projects that they have;

covering little plastic or metal rings in crochet- wow! these would make such a great elements on pages or to bind books with or even a little flower badge!
and aren't these knitted doilies cute!?!

i think the thing i love most about this book is just the layout and colours of it! especially their combinations!
& if you need even more inspiration check out this flickr stream full of photographs from old magazines. i did some self portraits inspired by this stream...

I used the circles pattern, and created my own background for a scrap page- just a quick layout, but this book is so full of ideas, i can't wait to see what you come up with!

i hope you can find something to take from this post and use, we really love seeing what you make, so don't forget to upload to the flickr group!

(p.s. if you were wondering what i did with Kara's challenge last time- here and here. i took some secret photos with the boyfriend also. i love morning. i also have some film waiting for me- but i've been bad and haven't developed it!)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Goodness gracious! Kara here! Dude, I am thrilled to be posting for the first ovah here!

It's a little intimidating to be posting right after such a cool prompt from Jen, but I am soooo excited about this one.

I happened upon this flickr pool called "Flocculence" awhile back and have been entranced and amazed ever since.

Flocculence is---


think: muted light, warm beds, smooth skin and delicate things."
Got it?

Here are some ammmazing examples from the Pool.


Mine that I took with my filmbaby---

As always interpret this how you'd like!!! Adapt the idea of flocculence to an art journal page/scrapbook change. Wear a flocculency outfit!

Link us up! We wanna seeeee!

Happy Weekend!!