Friday, January 23, 2009

I want everyone to get up and stamp their feet...

because i want you to say "'ello." to our newest and hippest permanent go-go-girl!
She might look a little familiar... [:
Kara is such an inspiration to both Jen and myself, that when we were talking about adding a third designer, the only face that seemed fitting was this fierce one!
And we are very lucky to have her! 
If you don't know this gem of a girl, 
here are a few of her lovely creations (more on her flickr)


She shares a love for creativeness and all the good things in life- with a fun old-y feel.
which is what this blog is all about- so i can't stop grinning, knowing that she's part of the 'in crowd' now! 

and aren't her film photos, oh so lovely! 

OK, movers and shakers! You still have a week to pull some shapes on the current challenge, before Jen astounds us all with a yum-filled prompt! Don't forget about our flickr group!
Much love from the Work-Your-Soul trio!


Sandy said...

oh yay!!!! i love, love kara!!! what a team you three are!

Mandi said...

yay kara!!!

Holly said...


Amanda said...

congrats!! i love kara too :)

nessa said...

I LOVE kara!!!!!!! she rocks!!!!!!!!!!! congrats

Elaine said...

HOo-RAh for Kara! SO SO excited for you, girl!

Ruthi said...

love that piece with the bright green chair!