Thursday, February 12, 2009

Goodness gracious! Kara here! Dude, I am thrilled to be posting for the first ovah here!

It's a little intimidating to be posting right after such a cool prompt from Jen, but I am soooo excited about this one.

I happened upon this flickr pool called "Flocculence" awhile back and have been entranced and amazed ever since.

Flocculence is---


think: muted light, warm beds, smooth skin and delicate things."
Got it?

Here are some ammmazing examples from the Pool.


Mine that I took with my filmbaby---

As always interpret this how you'd like!!! Adapt the idea of flocculence to an art journal page/scrapbook change. Wear a flocculency outfit!

Link us up! We wanna seeeee!

Happy Weekend!!


Genevieve said...

Great Challenge Kara, so many ways you can interpret this! I'll have to see what I come up with :)

Chris said...

What an incredible and wonderful word - where did you find it? I posted some flocculence love on my blog

adelle cutter said...

love this challenge!!! :D ive tryed doing it with two polaroids of my feet here....

what do you think?! hope you like! :D

Diane said...

This was such a great prompt, that pool is amazing~ so inspiring!

Here's my take on this:

Diane said...

I found this one too!

Michelle Sanders said...

great challange! totally inspired!

here is mine:

Elaine said...

here's mine! Cotton fields in florida. Mmmm

great great challenge Kara!