Sunday, April 12, 2009

James-Guest, photo inspo!

I first met James McLoughlin (find him here; flickr. blog. book.) on myspace, and we traded frustrations about our recently acquired Holga cameras. I love the internet. When he started uploading more images on flickr I fell in love with his look instantly; vibrant, young, stylish, sexy- they are real and magical at the same time, I don't know how he does it, but maybe this will give you some idea;

Q: What camera(s) do you use? And your favourite?
I usually shoot with my small little pentax pc35af-m film point and shoot , or if i wanna get some nice focus and tones then i'll go for my pentax p30 slr.
i'll pretty much shoot with anything i can get my hands on though. i don't think it's about the camera, as much as it is the person behind it.

Q: What is your film of choice? Why?
kinda the same with the camera, i'll shoot the cheapest film i can get. I usually go with fujicolour c200 though, the colours always come out rad.

Q: Any favourite settings on your camera you use a lot? (i.e. slightly overexposed?)
I'm not totally aware of all the setting on most of my cameras but i like to put the iso up real high and use ilford film alot, so i get alot of grain. I'm self taught so when most people ask me how i overexposed an image or got nice tones i generally don't have an answer. haha

Q: Favourite place/thing to shoot?
my friends, anywhere. As much as a location is important for some types of shoots, for me i couldn't care where i am.
i like to keep my camera on someone for ages until they react to something or do something special. and then if im out i just keep shooting and shooting all night.

Q: Flash or no flash?
definately no flash. all the time. even in the worst conditions.
i only use flash when i have to.

Q: How do you deal with low-light conditions?
usually with flash. haha

Q: Are you technical, or more of a ‘shoot-and-see’ kind of photographer?
shoot and see. documentary type stuff you know. i only get technical on shoots i set up. everything else is from the hip.

Q: Do you take your camera with you all the time?
yes, as much as possible.
i usually always have a bag with me so i can hold all my cameras haha.

Q: Tripods and other kit? Do you carry one around with you or only sometimes, or not at all?
neverrrrrrr. A tripod would stress me out. i like to know if want to shoot from another angle that i can move to that position in a matter of seconds before i miss something, rather than fiddlin with the tripod and such

Q: Do you use any Post-processing?
NOPE. i hardly ever edit my photos in anyway.

Q: Did you take any courses/classes at school in photography? Were they beneficial technically?
no, my school can barely provied paint for out art class. let alone classes in photography.

Q: Do you develop your film yourself or at a shop?
at a shop. i've always wanted to know how to develope film but i don't think i'd trust myself with all the chemicals.

Q: How many rolls a week or month do you take?
definately one a week.
but if i go somewhere for the weekend i can have like 4 rolls to develope.

Q: What made you decide to ‘go analogue!’?
digital is ok, but analogue is wayyy more exciting. the build up to waiting for my film is the best. i like to leave the roll for a few days so i forget about what i shot. So when it's done theres stuff i don't even remember shooting. And obviously the tones and colours and everything are way more appealing. besides, a photo is an object, right, and with digital it looses that, it's just a file on a computer.

Thank James!

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Mallory Phillipy said...

what a fun interview! i want to go take pictures now :]