Friday, May 8, 2009

Ohhhh! Happy Friday all! Kaaara here! :D

I have a little, easy, bright challenge to throw at ya!

Hopefully it's getting to be somewhat Springish where you live and you've been able to soak up some of the beauty. It's starting to get more consistently pleasant here and I'm loving it!

So... This challenge is mix it up with some Sunshine!

Get a little lens flare action going, throw some yellow paint around a canvas, do some some bright journalling.

I figure that if we pretend it's almost Summer, it's gotta be summer right? Mmmhhmmm. That's how my life philosophies work.

Sunshine lovin'.

(click on for photo creds. :D)

A little photo lovin' from me.

Oh, man.


lens flare, you have my heart.

Some spread some happy bright love! Happy weekend! :D :D


Veronica said...

Lovely pictures!

shaina said...

you ladies sure know how to "work my soul"
here are my pictures...