Friday, June 5, 2009

filling in...

for Jen this week, it's Kim!

My mum recently bought me this magazine;
hasn't it got a GREAT cover? the artist who was the main feature is Andy Burgess and his new collages are amazing, don't you think? he's got an exhibition coming up at this gallery in London.
I love it when contemporary artists bring it back and use the 'old school' designs. Artists like Rodchenko who made Russian Revolution posters inspire me too. There is something about collages that I have a major weak spot for. Anyway, a few of Andy's images I found online;

he has said about his work;
"I paint moody, cinematic unpeopled landscapes that are evocative of real places and somewhat dreamlike. I explore the way the past lives on in the present and how cities are a repository of our memories and dreams. I have been collecting vintage ephemera for many years which I use to make collages. These draw on a number of influences from Pop Art to Minimalism and my interest in popular graphic design and typography."
if you want to be an art geek like me, you can read the press release all about his new work here.

I love the idea of hidden messages and things in art. And deconstructing something, and putting it back together completely different. Maybe try piecing together words from logos. 

So this week, I want you do dig out your vintage ephemera and collage! maybe even use contemporary odds and ends and magazine clippings. anything really- whatever inspires you!

here is a layout i've done of some magazine clippings;
(sorry the scan is kind of rubbish.)
They make great places to store all those inspirational images you collect, (admit it, you collect them!) and you can hang them up without taking up masses of space, and can be filed away when you make the next one.

okay. make friends with your scissors and get your collage on!
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Steve & Joyce Rodli said...

Yummy magazine cover. Off to a college graduation and most of the day away from making art until early evening.Happy happies. Joyce